WWF Cameroun recherche un facilitateur pour un atelier

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Terms of Reference for the Recruitment of a Consultant to facilitate a workshop on the Effectiveness

of Cameroon’s Environmental Assessment System

Context and Justification

Cameroon like most African countries is committed to achieving unprecedented economic development.

This development trajectory is well articulated in both the Government’s 2035 Development Vision as

well as its economic blueprint document – the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP).

Achieving these laudable goals require infrastructure development as well as modernizing the current

production mechanism. While successful economic development like that planned by Cameroon

depends on the use of natural resources, it is important that such development does not have far-

reaching adverse impacts on the environment. Environmental Assessment, considered as one of the

more successful policy innovations of the 20th Century, is a key tool to achieve this objective.

Even as the Government has been making efforts to ensure the promotion of environmental

assessments, the general impression is that EIAs have become a mere box ticking exercise. Some

notable challenges within the Cameroon EIA system include the issue of ensuring effective participation

of local communities in the EIA process. Also, within the context of Cameroon’s development vision,

because of political reasons, certain strategic projects may be fast-tracked, not allowing for a

sufficiently comprehensive EIA process. This is where the integrated development planning approach

becomes important and it could be aligned with EA tools like the Strategic Environmental Assessment.

WWF Cameroon Country Programme Office in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Nature

Protection and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED) is organizing a three-day workshop to evaluate

the effectiveness of Cameroon’s EA system as an appropriate mechanism to safeguard the protection of

the environment, biodiversity and human well-being within the context of Cameroon’s economic

development strategy 2035.

The main workshop expected results are:

x Participants have gained a general understanding of the different EA tools like the SEA, EA and

EIN and how these tools apply to projects, plans and policies

x Participants share their views on the feasibility and applicability of EA tools and processes for

veritable decision-making in the evaluation of project and program impacts in Cameroon

x Potential shortcomings(e.g. with regard to administrative processes, policy gaps, effective

participatory approaches and applicability of technical tools) in addressing environmental and

social impacts and opportunities to strengthen the current EA system are identified and keyrecommendations formulated to be submitted to the relevant ministries to overcome the

identified gaps

x Participants make relevant proposals to improve the level and effectiveness of the

involvement/participation of other stakeholders like CSOs and local communities in the EA


Scope of Work:

WWF is currently seeking the services of a consultant with expertise in workshop facilitation

and a good knowledge on the ESIA and ESMP process in Cameroon.

1. The Consultant(s) will be responsible to advise the workshop organizers on the

workshop process

2. Design an appropriate process of the workshop leading to the desired results

3. Facilitate a process steering the group of stakeholders to make valuable contributions

during the workshop to stimulate informed exchanges

4. Produce a workshop report with the main contributions and recommendations.

All interested applicants shall submit the following:

x Technical offer indicating the applicant’s expertise and experience in the design,

dissemination of training modules as well as what appropriate pedagogical approach

x A financial offer indicating the expertise fees

x CVs of all experts to be used during the training

x Any references for similar previous assignments

Time frame

The workshop will be held on 17th to 19th of June 2015 in Ebolowa.


2 weeks from the publication date.

Contact POD: WWF Cameroun recherche un facilitateur pour un atelier





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